Code RASPIde : IDE for RasberryPI

CodeRASPIde is our small contribution to the IoT and Java Eclipse Community.

Our features:-

  • Project Wizard for Creating a new PI4J Project
  • Java Project with PI4J Library added to ClassPath
  • Configuration File for RasberryPI Programming with extn .picfg
  • Modeling Editor for Editing the RasberryPI Model
  • PIN Status Diagram indicating the USE of the PINs
  • Zest based Code Visualizer to represent the current Flow Diagram
  • Remote Execution and Debug from Eclipse on RasberryPI using LaunchPI Plugins

Currently Supports 40PIN based RaspberryPI Boards
  • RaspberryPI A+
  • RaspberryPI B+
  • RaspberryPI 2

Current CodeRASPIde works only for GPIO. In the coming days we will support Serial, LCD, I2C.
We also intend to enable Python and C Code Generation for RaspberryPI.
Happy RASPBERRY PI PRogramming. The source would be soon made available on Github for Forking and further Contributions.