Eclipse Consulting & Support

ANCIT has been one of the most active companies in the Indian Eclipse Community since 2006.Having been the most preferred Eclipse partner in the Indian Subcontinent,ANCIT has got the opportunity to build a strong professional network within the community.This allows us to collaborate with key people to benefit your project.

We participate in on-site mentoring projects to assist in the development of tools that integrate into Eclipse Platform.

Eclipse Factory @ ANCIT

ANCIT Offers:

  • Guidance on use-case design and coding
  • Conceptualization of critical extension points
  • Training and coaching of team members
  • Guidance on software implementation

ANCIT CONSULTING provides various models to our customers for offering support.

One of the support model is Developer Support {Offsite Support} to help you through your software development cycle. Our offerings under this model is:

  • Required Workshops
  • Remote Support {Coaching Sessions,Code & Technology Review}
  • Development Support
Communication Mode : Web, Email, Phone, Screenshare
Support Contact : One designated contact from your Company
Duration of the Contract: Based on requirement
Maximum Response Time for Support: Three Business Days

To know more about this support model, write to or call us on +919483541953.