eGit-extensions - Useful Add On to eGIT

GitHub becoming the most popular Version of Git, we have a few features lined up to support GitHub

1.Raising PullRequest from Eclipse between 2 Remotes

  • Earlier Implemented as Gimmick which would open the URL in a Browser and you could click on Create PullRequest
  • Now the Feature is extended and implemented using GitHub Mylyn Connector, so that you can raise PullRequest from Eclipse itself in the true sense.

2.Fork Visualisation

  • Select a Branch in the Github Repositories View and See the Forks of the Selected Repo Graphically and Hierarchially.

3.Add Remote and Fetch from Fork

  • You can Select a Fork and decide to Add a Remote and Fetch that into your Local Git Repo in just 1 Click.
    • This feature helps in avoiding
      • Copy Pasting SSH or HTTPS URL from Github
      • Add Remote > Enter Remote Name > Add URI > Add ConfigSpec and finally Fetch.

Features to follow
  • Other GitHub Operations thru GUI.

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Blogs and Other Links

  • Annamalai C (github.com/cmalai)
  • Subramanyam CS (github.com/subramanyamcs)