ANCIT's longlasting commitment to the Eclipse Community in terms of actively contributing to eclipse projects by reporting bugs, documenting our knowledge as Tutorials, Blogs and contributing to open source as various projects, has built immense trust within our clients to bring us onboard for their development support.
We have experienced hands who can drive the project from requirements to implementation adhering to all the project management process successfully.

ANCIT CONSULTING provides various models to our customers for offering development as a service.

Our Offerings

  • Fixed Price Model
    • Tasks & Deliverables are clearly defined by customer in terms of both time and cost.
    • Responsibility lies with ANCIT.
    • Applicable for project which have a clear scope & deliverables.
  • Time and Material
    • Due to dynamic nature of this type of model, the customer is responsible for project supervision.
    • Resources are provided by ANCIT as per customer requirements.
  • Offshore Development Centre
    • We build a team which is dedicated for the customer as per their requirements.
    • This is suitable for long term project and/or dedicated resource requirements.
  • Proof of Concept Solution
    • Customer has a Project but doesnt have a Eclipse competent team.
    • We help in building the Project until the Customer builds his own team.
    • Once the customer has built a team, ANCIT will handover the Project to the customer.
    • ANCIT will thereon be involved as a Consulting Body in the project based on customer needs

Our Tooling Expertise

Config Tools

Design [2D] Tools

Custom RCP Apps

IDE Customisation

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